Just as the DISC assessment gives insight into “how” someone will behave, the Motivators assessment explains “why.” Motivators are the reasons we want to act. They help people to better understand their value hierarchy or belief system. They filter and guide decisions specifically toward the results that reflect them, and they combine uniquely for each person to influence priorities and decision making. Motivators reveal our viewpoint, our mindset, and our paradigm of thought.

Research shows successful people share a common trait of self-awareness and an awareness of those around them. Through building a greater understanding of the motivator dimensions in general, it becomes easier to see how they influence and guide behaviors to move people forward or keep them still.

The Suite of Motivator Assessments include:


The Motivators assessment offers an in-depth identification and exploration of seven dimensions and how they uniquely combine to influence behavior, decision, and actions. (SAMPLE)

DISC & Motivators Combination

When our DISC and MOTIVATORS are in alignment, we have personal synergy. When our DISC and MOTIVATORS are not in alignment, we experience personal conflict or tension. ( SAMPLE )

Motivators TEAM

Use the Motivators team report to help you and your team understand the similarities and differences in what drives

behavior and emotion. This report will highlight both the Motivators of each member and how influential each

motivator is to the individual to show the best ways to ensure satisfaction for your team and leverage your team's

passions and values. ( SAMPLE )

Team Reports can only be purchased after each team member has taken either a Motivators Assessment or a DISC & Motivators Assessment. Contact Regina directly for more information.

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